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The European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM), continues along the lines of the EACM (European Association of Composite Materials), founded in 1985. During 13 years, EACM,operating from Bordeaux, served the European composites community by organising the now well established ECCM-conferences, and by a series of other initiatives.

In 1996, the Standing Committee of EACM made an agreement with the Institute of Materials, in order to create a follow-up organisation, and EACM ceased to exist as an organisation under the French law.

In June 1997, a Provisional Council, composed of the previous EACM Council, completed by a number of well known experts from the European composites community, gathered in London to discuss the transition from EACM to the new organisation. General guidelines were agreed upon, a Provisional Executive Committee, and a Provisional President were elected. They were given the task to propose a new Constitution and Regulations, and to prepare the foundation of the new organisation.

After a series of meetings in the period September 1997 till March 1998, and after consultation of the Provisional Council in April 1998, the Constitution and Regulations of the new organisation, called ESCM, was presented for approval to the (Provisional) General Assembly during ECCM-8 in Naples (Italy) in June 1998. This (Provisional) General Assembly was constituted of all Europeans, registered at ECCM-8. Upon approval of the Constitution and Regulations, the (Provisional) General Assembly elected the first Council of ESCM.

ESCM is a new organisation, building on the past and preparing for the future. ESCM wants to acknowledge the important role of the “founding fathers” of EACM (Antony Kelly, Antony Bunsell, Hans Lilholt, Ignazio Crivelli-Visconti, Karl Schulte and Albert Massiah) by attributing them the lifelong title of Honorary Members.

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