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The ESCM is an association of individuals from all nations in Europe, with established interests and contributions in the field of composite materials, who share the objectives of the ESCM.
ESCM has:
– Individual Members from European Countries
– Honorary Members
– Associated Members from non-European Countries.
Any citizen from a European nation, is eligible for membership in the ESCM and participation in its activities and its decisions. “Europe” is geographically defined as this part of the world enclosed (west) by the Atlanctic Ocean, (north) by the North Pole Region, (east) by the Oeral mountains and (south) by the Black and the Mediterranean Sea.
Individuals with established interests and contributions in the field of composite materials, who share the objectives of the ESCM but who are not members of a European nation may become Associated Members of ESCM. Associated Members will, however, not be eligible to vote at the General Assembly or Council (or to serve as an officer to ESCM).
Individuals who have made significant personal contributions to the objectives of ESCM may be elected as Honorary Members by majority vote of the Council. Such individuals shall carry the title of "Fellow of ESCM".
Members and Honorary Members of the ESCM are entitled:
a. to participate in all the activities of the ESCM
b. to attend the General Assembly meetings
c. to become a member of the Council and Executive Committee
d. to become an officer of the ESCM
e. to submit proposals to the Council to host an ESCM Conference
There is no limit on the number of Members from any given nation.

Membership to the ESCM is included in the Registration fee on each ECCM-n. To become a member of ESCM, one must register for the European Conference on Composite Materials.
Membership to the ESCM is valid for one ECCM cycle. An ECCM-cycle is defined as the period of time between the end of one ECCM-conference till the end of the next one. This period corresponds to approximately 2 years.
To learn more about our latest Conference, ECCM-13 (2008) in Stockholm, Sweden, please click here.
If you have participated in ECCM-13 you are a regular member of ESCM, hence entitled to an account for this website's Members' Area with access to ESCM documentation, meetings minutes and past ECCM material. Please follow the instructions below to create a new account.

Online Accounts for the Members' Area of this website are generated automatically by the ESCM Secretariat/ Technical only for members of the ESCM (participants/registrants of the last ECCM).
The ESCM Secretariat keeps records of all participants/registrants to ECCMs. If you registered and/or participated in ECCM-13 (2008) at Stockholm, Sweden, an online account for the Members' Area has been created and reserved for you.
The details of your online account (username and password) have been emailed to you in September 2008, to the email address that you provided to register for ECCM13.
If you registered/participated in ECCM13 but have NOT received the email with your username and password, please click here to inform the ESCM Secretariat accordingly.
Once the ESCM Secretariat receives your application and verifies your participation at ECCM-13, an email will be sent at the email address you specified above with a personal username and password for the Members' Area of this website. Please keep your online account private!
Using your username and password you will be able to access ESCM documentation, meetings minutes and past ECCM material on the Members' Area of this website.
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