Objectives of the Society
The General Assembly
The Council
The Executive Committee
The Officers
The Conference Organizing Committee

ESCM is a European, non-governmental, non-profit scientific and engineering organisation with the following objectives:
To encourage the free interchange of information on all those aspects related to composite materials which of are interest to the scientific and engineering community.
To provide a Europe-wide forum for the discussion of such topics, e.g. by organising the ECCM (European Conference on Composite Materials) and more specialised symposia related to composites.
To guide and foster the understanding and utilisation of the science and technology of composite materials.
To promote European co-operation in the study of topics in composite materials science and technology.
To promote liaison with engineering and scientific bodies throughout Europe with similar aims and to serve as a facilitator for communication between such bodies.
To foster an environment for timely and cost-effective research, development and implementation of advanced technology in composites.
To encourage the education of young specialists in the disciplines supporting composite materials science and technology.
To recognise individuals of outstanding achievement in the science, technology, engineering, and application of composite materials.

The general organisation of the ESCM consists of the following principal components:
– The General Assembly
– The Council
– The Executive Committee
– The Organising Committee for ESCM-n
Membership on the General Assembly is open to all Individual and Honorary Members as defined in Article 3 of this constitution.
The Council is the supreme governing body of the ESCM. It has the power to expend ESCM funds and the authority to interpret the Constitution and Regulations and to transact all business of the ESCM not otherwise provided for specifically in the Constitution and Regulations.
The Executive Committee is a subset of the Council consisting of the Officers of the ESCM who work with the Prime Officers, the President and Secretary, between meetings of the Council and the General Assembly, to conduct the day-to-day business of the ESCM. In the case where the Council cannot be convened in sufficient time by telephone, telefax, electronic mail, or regular mail, the Executive Committee can act with authority for the ESCM.
The Organising Committee for ESCM-n is the body responsible for organising an ECCM Conference in consult with the Officers and Council of the ESCM.
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