Objectives of the Society
The General Assembly
The Council
The Executive Committee
The Officers
The Conference Organizing Committee

The General Assembly meets once at each ECCM Conference to
a.  Elect the Council Members of the ESCM
b.  Ratify changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of the ESCM and
c.  Make other decisions as called for by the operating rules of the ESCM
All Individual and Honorary members of the ESCM are eligible to participate in and vote at the General Assembly.

The Council consists of the Officers of the ESCM (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Past President), along with elected, co-opted, and ex officio members. The total membership on the Council cannot be more than 35.
The Chair of an ECCM Conference Organising Committee serves as an ex officio member of the Council for two ECCM cycles: the one immediately preceding that ECCM and the one immediately following that ECCM. ( An ECCM-cycle is defined as the period of time between the end of one ECCM-conference till the end of the next one).
In each cycle, ten new members of the Council are elected by majority vote of the General Assembly from nominations provided by the membership from the membership.
The Council elects, by majority vote, up to five other members of the Council, after other elections have taken place, in order to provide better balance amongst various e.g. different composite technologies, different countries, universities/industry/government.
Unless otherwise specified, elected members of the Council serve a term of two ECCM cycles. They may offer themselves for election for one further term after which they must stand down for at least one term.
The current formation of the ESCM Council is:

Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos

Veronique Michaud, Switzerland
Christophe Binetruy, France

Past President
Vassilis Kostopoulos, Greece

Secretary General
Baris Caglar, Netherland

Jacques Lamon, France

Members of the Council
Julie Teuwen, Netherland
Frederic Jacquemin, France
Pedro Camanho, Portugal
Clemens Dransfeld, Netherland
Yentl Swolfs, Belgium
Frederic Laurin, France
Paul Robinson, UK
Stepan Lomov, Belgium
Dimitrios Zarouchas, Netherland
Sotirios Grammatikos, Norway
Emmanuel Baranger, France
Martin Fagerström, Sweden
Martin Hirsekorn, France
Nathalie Godin, France
Theodoros Loutas, Greece
Marino Quaresimin, Italy
Bodo Fiedler, Germany
Alkiviadis Paipetis, Greece
Nicolas Boyard, France
Antoine Le Duigou, France
Roland Hinterhoelzl, Austria
Ole Thomsen, UK
Brian Falzon, UK Thomas Kruse, Germany
Larissa Gorbatikh, Belgium Ugo Lafont, Netherland
Sofia Teixeira du Freitas, Netherland Albert Turon, Spain
Soraia Pimenta, UK    

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, along with 5 elected members.
In each cycle, the 5 elected members of the Executive Committee are elected by majority vote of the Council from nominations provided by the Council membership from the Council membership.
Each elected member serves for the duration of his term as a member of the Council.
The 5 elected members of the current ESCM Executive Committee are:

Sofia Teixeira du Freitas
Soraia Pimenta
Frederic Jacquemin
Clemens Dransfeld
Frederic Laurin

The officers are the President, the Secretary (who also serves as Treasurer), the immediate Past President, the Vice President.
The terms of office of the officers depend on the ECCM cycle which is defined as the time period from the end of one ECCM Conference to the end of the next ECCM Conference.
The President, Secretary, and Vice President are elected by majority vote of the Council from nominees from and by the membership of the Council.
Unless otherwise decided, the Vice-President shall serve as the next President.
The immediate Past President shall be the President of the previous ECCM cycle.  In the case that the President is reelected to the office of President, the current immediate Past President shall continue to fill that office.
In the case that an officer becomes unable to carry out the duties of the office during the term of office, that officer may be replaced by the Council.
All officers may be reelected once to office. After at least one term of absence, they are re-eligible.

There is a Conference Organising Committee for each ECCM Conference.
The Chair of a Conference Organising Committee is elected by a plurality of votes of the Council in concert with the selection of the site of that ECCM Conference. The selection takes place two cycles prior to the time of that ECCM Conference.
Vice Chairs of the Conference Organising Committee is nominated by the Chair of that Committee and approved by the Council.
The General Members of the Conference Organising Committee is appointed by the Chair of that Committee.
The Chair, Vice Chairs, and General Members of an ECCM Conference Organising Committee serve from the time of their election until some time after that ECCM Conference as determined by the Chair of that Committee, depending upon the point when the business of that particular ECCM Conference has been completed.
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